About me. We’ll I’m an individual. Go figure huh! Hey, it seems easy to say but hardly ever is it applied but I can safely say I am an individual.

I love people, art, uniqueness, bright colors and my beautiful blessings I like to call “my children”. I believe I’m creative, others may label it weird but the way I think and put things together is a talent, a true gift from God. Yes, I believe in God and God believes in me. We are one and nobody or comment will or can change that. I’m not fussing, I’m just speaking up for me!!

My philosophy, if I had to have one is “Let us agree to believe what we believe without bashing, hatred or disrespect. We all have our own minds, so lets be able to speak it. You don’t have to agree. You just have to learn to love again”.

I don’t know you but I want what’s best for you!

God Bless,
Tracy B


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