I’m telling this secret..

The secret to having it all is knowing you already do!!!

It’s the GOD in me!!!
Be encouraged today knowing greatness, joy, peace, love, prosperity, family and whatever else you desire lives within. To have it manifest into your reality will take you doing something so sweet,so sane, so simple. Just tap in to ‘self’. Sit, get quiet, meditate and listen to you. Get to know you!  Simple right, but few take the time to do it; but once they become aware of self, we become aware of them. Here’s a few examples, Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Russell Simmons, Ellen Degeneres, etc…. The point is, they tapped in to ‘self’ and self gave them all they had and more. 

“You hold all the secrets to your success or demise. The power to create the greatest future you can imagine starts with imagining it. Then you, the real you, once you tap in, will reveal how to get all you have imagined”. – Tracy B

Much Love, 

Tracy B


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