I am not afraid………….

Image result for images of cartoons being in the darkThe way it looks from my eye’s view appears to be as bad as it gets but I am not afraid of the what if’s, I’m trusting for the what now’s!!!

The winds blowing, the waters raging, clouds have filled the sky. It’s dark, its damp, its familiar territory. I’ve been here, I trust the biggest, brightest sun is just around the next cloud. Related image

I’m in this place now, this place of learning that trust is all!!  The superficial is gone, the materialized luxuries, yeah, they’re all gone. So here I am now, I’ve journeyed too and logged in this place of trust. Now, in this place of trust, I rely on God and me fully. God says that everything I need is within me. I trust that, so one day I tested it. Whatever and wherever my thoughts lead me, through mediation, I decided to explore.

Things I tried my hand at years back came racing to my mind. Things I’d forgotten about or just merely overlooked as a phase, all came back to me. So I explored with just one thought and trusted myself in the process.  Good, bad or indifferent, I had no one to point a finger at but me. Can you believe it manifested better than I’d expected?  So I explored again, on a bigger platform, trusting just myself and it manifested better than the last. I was in awe of ‘my thoughts’ and trust now being my ‘manifested reality’. I can now see what I was thinking and it’s even better than what I saw. (I know, you may have to read it twice)Related image

Who would have thought the superficial, materialized luxuries and other things were baggage that needed to be stripped so that I could be free to trust me? The things God has shown me through this ‘trusting self’ process has given me peace that surpass all understanding. I will reveal ‘the finished product of thoughts’ to you all sooner than later. 🙂

I thought I had all I needed until trust was all I had. Now, in this journey of learning I know that trust is all I need.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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