Teaching Our Children to be Entrepreneurs

I was never a fan of telling my children to get educated so that they can get a great job. I told them get educated so that they can create jobs!! Thanks for the agreement “Watering Our Seeds”. Be sure to follow this blog. It will take you places.

Watering Our Seeds

We live in a society that preaches the importance of graduating high school, attending college, and having a great career working for someone else.  For many of us, it just does not happen that way.  You graduate high school but you can’t afford to attend college or you attend college but can’t manage to find this great career the world promised you.  Intelligent and determined individuals find themselves hunting for the perfect career that will fulfill their purpose.  Very few think about how they can spend that time and energy building their own empire.  We aren’t taught in high school the art of entrepreneurship because they are so focused on pushing college or the military.  College isn’t for everyone.  There are many successful entrepreneurs that do not have a college degree.  Among those are Steve Jobs (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin Airways, Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile), and Dave Thomas (Wendy’s) just…

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