What we see now is a display of what we did then……

No, really everything is alright. In fact, everyday is blessed with new opportunities to overcome new distraction. I know I seem redirected but one day I’ll have this thing mastered and then something else will happen. It’s all a test to see if I’m able to move to the next level. I only want the best so I learned something I’m willing to share. It works one of two ways, promotion or stagnation.

It’s the GOD in me!!!
Either we’re forward marching or standing still complaining about why we’re not forward marching. But, there’s a sure way to guarantee forward motion (promotion). It’s simple, “stop tripping!” I know I said it last post but those words are worth repeating.

It’s easy to forget the simple when we lose focus dwelling on the stupid. We get knocked off course and start falling back into old habits we once prayed and repented about. If you’re anything like me, flawed-human, you start believing the horror you see instead of the Spirit you know. We start saying things will never change and almost behave like it’s the end. It’s not our fault, we’re flawed humans. Here’s a word to build upon –

Things don’t always work according to our plans. Actually, hardly ever will that happen but it doesn’t mean stop planning. It just means allow God to improvise and trust that HIS plan is surely the BEST path for you.

All things work together for our good. The bad things work to create something magically delicious and good just for us! Our job is to embrace life, serve others and believe God is preparing our land of milk and honey right here on earth.

Make certain you plan to create everyday full of love and random acts of kindness.  In doing this, you’re not too far off from God’s plan and HIS plan is guaranteed.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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