Stop tripping, you got next!!!!

The doors God will open within the next six months no man will or can shut.

Where you are in life, what you’ve been through and endured is only a setup, not a setback. It was strategically designed for this moment in time. You are closer than you think love. It’s not cliché, it’s fact.

It’s the GOD in me!!!
“How can I be so sure?” I’m so glad you asked. It’s because I’ve been right there with you. I’ve had moments I wanted to give up, give in and just let life do what it does but God kept pushing me. He kept waking me up even after praying to die. He continued to breath life into me, offering me a chance to finish the race I started. I didn’t want too and even complained about how people I loved hated me, how my plans of doing good backfired on me and how my dream job fired me but God urged me to stay the course, so I did. Because of my obedience I’m now working with a group of people who encourage me and push me to greatness. My good plans have elevated and promoted me and new love has found and surrounded me.

I’m urging you to keep going. I’m asking you to believe God has a plan designed uniquely for you. For His plan far exceeds all we can ask, think or possibly imagine. His plans are to see us healthy, happy and harvesting abundantly. Don’t deviate my friends. It’s all working for your good.

I know you’ve been disrespected, disregarded and even counted out but stay the course- God said you got next.  You don’t have to believe me just believe God. That power on the inside, tap into it

and you’ll soon see the best is on the horizon and you’re next to receive!!

Much Love,

Tracy B






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