A loaded question…..

There’s nothing impossible for you once you believe in you!~ Tracy’s Proverbs

I was on WordPress under speakingup4me.wordpress.com but I hadn’t blogged in so long I forgot ‘all’ of my credentials. I’m not new to the ‘blog life’ or new to starting from the bottom and creating something special. So for those that remember me, I’m back and better than ever.

Paris-Wallpaper-paris-7475874-1024-768I’ve been pegged as the loaded question asking lady. Why? I don’t know!!  However, it’s really funny when I think about it. Let’s see, I ask questions because I want an answer. It’s not that I’m looking for anything specific or spectacular, but simply your thoughts. It does sometimes lead to more questions, especially if your thoughts intrigue me but that’s it, I’m intrigued. So here’s my question for you –

“If you had everything what more would you ask for?”

Much Love

Tracy B


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